160 Million Dollars of Books that Didn’t Get Made


After Federal Judge Denise Cote got through with publishing, the assessment was horrific: 160 million dollars, spread across several large corporations, all accused of price fixing (the SEC crime) and lying (it made Federal Judge Denise Cote mad.) How did all those “lovely” smart people get into THAT predicament?

If you think “arrogance”, you’d be right.  But I know what their arrogance is fueled by….a stinky animal fear that sent them over the edge like wildebeests during The Great Migration. Books doubled in page size to meet inflated prices with bloviating texts that turned back in on themselves, ever tightening the authors love song to him or herself. The “B” list, as they call it – that’s the place you discover new talent – was left to die. Celebrities were the new buzzword. BRiING US YOUR A -LIST they screamed.

Did we need Arnold Schwartzenegger to  tell us he was so lazy he wouldn’t leave his own house to have an extra-marital affair? Do we need another Rachel Ray book written by an editor? Did Brandi Glanville’s vaginal rejuvenation take?

So, from 2008 – 2013, the library went empty, the lawyers got all the dough, and we got Paula Deen, Arnold , Brandi and those Duck guys . I’m glad it’s over. I’m glad publishing lost 50% of its market share because it’s about CREATIVITY, not booking a celebrity on a tv show.

Publishing, you spent 5 years not-publishing. You built a library that doesn’t have books.


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