Working in publishing, there is a certain type of person that doesn’t believe something happened unless it was reported in The New York Times. My conversations with these types of people went like this:

“Palestinians ate Settlement children,” some nerd would say

“Where the fuck did you read that,” I’d ask. 

“In The New York Times,” the nerd would say.

“You believed it?” I’d say.

“Yes, of course. It was in the Times.”

“Did you also read it in the News?” I’d ask.

“I’d never read The Daily News,” the nerd would harumph.

“Why not?” I’d ask. “It’s the same news, only shorter,” I’d say.

“No one reads The News,” the nerd bullied.

“I do and I like it,” the big Texas yahoo would say. That’s me.

<Big sigh> the nerd. 

“Did you read it in The New Yorker too,” I’d ask.

“It’s not out yet this week,” the nerd would sigh.

“Michi likes the new Doer collection of linked stories,” I’d say.

The Nerd would beam: “So do I!”




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