Psssst…….it’s the girls doing ugly ugly stuff

As I’ve said often, when you are 6’2″, people rarely stab you in the front.  A few men have, and I respected them for it. Just before I destroyed their World. But it was direct and it was in the open and it was fair. We were both armed. Lines of fire were established. Rules were followed.

But what to do about the furtive “women”? I use quotation marks because lying and scuttling are not the work of women. Lying and scuttling have no place in our march to fairness. Lying and scuttling other women is the last gasp of Girls Gone Bad. 

My scars are real over this issue. My scars are deep. I had an assistant who created a website, taking credit for all the books I acquired and edited. She got a free trip to a writer’s conference in Australia. I was informed and shown her website by another colleague. As she traveled, I sat in my office wondering why this could be.  I was also working on a book that sold over 1.5 million hardcopies. I was laid off just before the book hit the bestseller list, my former assistant and her female boss – who was also my boss – taking credit.

Oh, did I tell you the female boss had given her a fur shrug for Christmas?

No, you can’t make this shit up. It’s real. I had bumbled into some sort of love-fest between assistant and authority and I was out. She was in favor until she spent 1.2 million dollars on a complete stink bomb of a book that every publishing house wanted to buy. Then, all those sandwiches and coffees she had brought the boss, all those nights of website building, came to naught.

Yeah, it’s gross. Yeah, it’s wrong. But people have strange impulses and publishing is dying. They struggle and it’s every man for herself.

And I am so ashamed of them. 







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