Shadow Teams Creates Publishing-House Experience for Indie, Self-Published Authors

New York City (July 16, 2014) —The self-publishing industry has grown exponentially in the last six years, increasing over 400 percent since 2007 and over 50 percent from 2011 to 2012, according to a recent Bowker analysis. Yet authors who choose this route are often on their own in editing, designing, and finishing books to the high standards demanded by today’s readers.

Shadow Teams is stepping up to fill that service gap by providing an affordable and humanized way for authors to self-publish with the expertise of a publishing house.

To meet this rising tide and to address self-publishing authors’ need for quality, Shadow Teams has gathered professionals including content specialists trained in top-grossing publishing companies in New York City and tech experts in Silicon Valley. Together, these behind-the-scenes teams create an efficient and effective experience for authors.

“It’s about story. It’s about information transmitted to a hungry mind. Shadow Teams created a bridge in the publishing process–a perfect partnership with the best tech and editorial worldwide –that will help self-published authors fly,” says Beth Wareham, Founder and CEO

Shadow Teams can handle the marketing and publicity aspects of the book business, offering services from experts who can advise authors on up-to-the-minute best practices in these areas. Other experts in project management and electronic publishing provide information on SEO optimization, big-data mining, state-of-the-art design, blog tours and long-tail publishing.

“A book is an investment of time, money, and dedication for an author,” says Wareham. “And you want an investment to pan out. We provide the expertise that can make the difference between a successful book venture and a frustrating experience that wastes time, money, and quality.”

Shadow Teams is an author-based, results-driven, SEO publishing management company created and run by book and tech-industry experts to help writers self-publish their works with the expertise of a publishing house behind them. All employees are virtual.
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