SKINNY GREEN SMOOTHIES and other tales of eradicating elder zits

Smoothiecover10406370_10204456447913874_6090026302578808189_nLook, I’m no spring chicken. I’ve tested my liver and lungs beyond what is reasonable. And here I am for the first time in my life, pimple-free. 

Why? I had to write some green smoothie recipes for some company out in California. Then I started drinking them. I had one a day, just anytime I felt hungry. The smoothie was not a meal replacement. It did become one soon, without my noticing it. The strangest thing starts happening with appetite. As your body gets more of what it needs – leafy greens, seeds, nuts, – you just aren’t always thinking about food. I barley noticed. Then I really noticed when I realized I hadn’t had a hamburger in three weeks.

The other profound change besides less hunger and more weight loss was my skin. You start to glow almost immediately and there is a simple scientific explanation: zinc. Leafy greens are full of it, especially spinach. For the first time in my life, I did not have pimples. Not on my nose, not on my chin, not on body anywhere. Weird. I identified myself as a woman who got elder pimples and now I can’t. Green smoothies.

So, I submit here for you my smoothie book and clear elder-pimple free face. 


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