You have to get more sleep. it’s not only imperative for your health, you’ve begun blurting stupid things in the meeting like “He took my pen!” or “Don’t sit in that chair! That’s for the giant rabbit!” The lack of sleep is making you impulsive, odd and somewhat stupid. You just got to start slowing it down and getting the sleep.

 Certain foods help stimulate more calm than others. Tonight, we study the red grape. Few fruits have as much melatonin as grapes do. Maybe cherries can compete. Melatonin, especially in its natural state, is harmless and calming, a perfect preparation to drink an hour before sleep. You can keep the ice out of the blender and drink it straight up or on the rocks. 

Red Grape Smoothie 

Gapes and cherries are full of melatonin and the salty back-drop of celery makes the sweet pop. 

2 cups red grapes, rinsed

1 cup cherry juice, unsweetened or Bing, pitted

Lavender tea, cold, or water, as needed

1 stalk celery, roughly chopped 

1 cup baby spinach or kale leaves



1. Put the grapes and cherries into the blender and cover with the tea or water. Blend until liquified. 

2. Add the celery, greens and more tea or water to cover. Blend, dropping ice down through the top of the blender until the desired consistency is

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