Change How Your DNA Metabolizes Fat: Skinny Green Smoothies as Self-Love


Somehow, the image above lurks just beyond the consciousness of many women. We are not her, but we are afraid of being her. Maybe she’s inside us just DYING to pop out. 

She’s not. I swear. I am a woman in the middle of her life and have never had a better body. I actually am much better looking in my 50s than in my 20s, when I was a model. 6’2″ and coming in at 130. Then I ballooned to over 200. Then I came back down to 160. Then, my weight shot to….well, you get the idea.

I got a real career (modeling = free money) and started learning some facts about health. My guru (everybody needs one, baby!) is Dr. Mark Hyman He told me that eating certain ingredients had an impact on your health in the next minutes, hours, days, and years. He told me that eating the right foods literally gave your body instructions to activate DNA that burns fat faster. Keep eating those ingredients and your DNA will continue to receive the signals, ultimately changing over to the new, faster fat-burning system. You literally change your body’s structure, your DNA. 

I started drinking green smoothies and darned if it didn’t work. A month into writing and testing the cookbook, my pimples cleared and that last annoying ring of waist fat fell away. Sure I was working hard but I felt balanced, calm and <gasp!> HAPPY.  That’s the real payoff: the way you feel about you.




What’s Bugging You is Never What You Think It Is: Skinny Green Smoothies


I’ve eaten, drank and smoked a lot of questionable things in my life. I’m a baby boomer – on the very cusp of the younger side, of course! – but I’ve been hard on my body. I’ve always exercised, played sports, and got hammered. It’s what I did for YEARS.

The toll of all this carousing was not what you might imagine. I didn’t have compromised lungs, my liver wasn’t coughing and my kidneys could still dance.  What I had was a whole bunch of toxins flowing through my brain.  The rest of my body seemed able to metabolize the hell I threw at it. My brain did not.  I was confused, sticky notes had become my magic rabbit’s foot against chaos and I felt like shit. 

So on, with feeling, I changed. I began eating vegetarian meals 3 nights a week. That turned into vegetarian lunches as well. It was just easier. Then I started this publishing company (oh, who hasn’t!, you think) and decided to write a book about green smoothies because that’s all I had time for at lunch. 

When you write a book about something, it’s best to be deeply involved. Thus, I began whirling my way toward more clarity, less blubber around the waist and more stability and quiet in my head. I didn’t feel as impulsive because I wasn’t having cravings. There was a flow. I slowly began to trust my brain more. I didn’t have to use all the sticky notes. I had short term memory! Could these green drinks do this? Yes, they could. 

I speak to all women when I say this: brain is better than boobs, vagina, hair, shoes, handbags AND hair combined. Brain is the one thing you will never be able to go without.  Brain is what makes you who you are. Feed it. Feed it a lot. With words and notes and pictures and most importantly…… 


 Try it. You’ll be amazed at how much you trust your brain to do its magic again.