Cocaine DOES Run All Around Your Brain: Children of the 80s, DETOX NOW

I have some really bad news, children of the 80s. Yeah, I’m looking straight at you, baby boomers. I’m looking straight at you, people who danced at Studio 54 or slithered through the Viper Room in LA (oh, excuse me, 1990s.) 

Heavy cocaine use triggers Parkinson’s Disease. Literally, what you put up your nose 30 years ago is going to take you down now, just when your is 401K kicking in and there’s promise of rest on the horizon.

You MUST detox. Everyday. Detoxification is a combination of fiber and liquids that flush your cells of toxins and cleanse the blood. Blood flows through the brain (see http://www.drmarkhyman on the magical thinking behind the blood/brain barrier) getting you all buzzy. After you metabolize your buzz, you are sober but traces of chemicals are left in the brain, unmetabolized. 

So you do more blow and more blow, each time sobering up and ultimately feeling fine. But you are not. Each time you do that thing in your nose, you dump just a bit of bad in your brain. Some people hit the tipping point of toxicity, some people don’t.

Are you willing to risk your brain? Your ability to control your muscles and life? Really, there’s a reason every one flipped the blender switch.

Detoxification means life. 

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