FOODIES UNITE! Skinny Green Smoothies can be use our cool tricks too

When I started writing Skinny Green Smoothies, I was a bit weirded out by the haphazardness of it all. Most folks loved just jamming everything in the blender jar and flipping the switch.

But I say THERE IS A WAY FORWARD for foodies. We don’t need more greens that taste, well, just green. There are about 500 books like that now. What we do need is a little sophistication.

MACERATE YOUR BERRIES. Now there’s a thought. It’s not cooking them, it changes the flavor completely, but it will require you to think ahead 20 minutes. For a cook, that’s nothing: We can watch a stew for days. A cook has focus and knows the prize: FLAVOR FLAVOR FLAVOR

Take 1  cup strawberries and combine with 1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar and 5 – 6 leaves of basil, shredded. Let sit, stirring occasionally, for 20 minutes. Use in a green smoothie and KISS THE SKY. (Sorry, Mr. Hendrix.)

Foodie Smoothie

1-2 cups marcerated berries with vinegar and shredded basil

1-2 cups spinach

Cold water to cover


1. Put the berries in the blender and the spinach over top. Cover with water and blend, dropping ice cubes through the top to make it cold. Serve.

PS. Vinegars and lemon juice help suppress appetite. Use whenever you can in your smoothies to assist in losing weight, if that’s what you are hoping to do. 


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