SLEEP AT NIGHT or you’ll do it conference rooms and look stupid: Skinny Green Smoothies

I didn’t choose this picture of a dog because it’s #National Dog Day. Although I do love those furry fabulous pad-footed things,  But it’s off my topic and I paid attention in English class. 

I did not choose this photo  of the dog because he had a pineapple on his head. This amazing national holiday we celebrate today – National Dog Day – led me to a pineapple and thoughts of dogs.

Turns out pineapple has 288% more melatonin than FDA adult requirements. Almonds are way up there and so are leafy greens. Chamomile tea will also help you out as your base liquid….and I’ve just discovered another great addition to your pre-bedtime #SkinnyGreenSmoothies…….California Poppy….Oh yeah. That’s right, that distant cousin of heroin, in it’s flowering state, with send you to the land of nod with health and ease. Order off and use a tablespoon at night. ZZZZZzzzzzzzzz you go…….

Sleeper Smoothie

1 cup pineapple chunks

1 cup baby kale or spinach leaves

1 tablespoon California Poppy (order from

Camomille tea to cover


1. Put it in the blender through the tea. Begin blending, dropping ice cubes down through the top to make thick and cold. 

2. Drink a 1/2 before bed. Zzzzzzzzzzz.

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Mark Bittman and Dr Mark Hyman are Right: Skinny Green Smoothies can save


It’s pretty clear that cow farts are killing mankind. It’s not the cows’ fault: They can and will fart any time they want. It’s fair.

 But agribusiness has grown as population and economy and marketing have grown and all those cow farts, rising together, have taken a big toll on our atmosphere and thus the health of human beings on the planet.

 That’s not to say that other animals aren’t contributing to this gaseous cloud. I’m sure the recent obsession with bacon has led to more pig farts and the fate of the planet is tied to the will of free markets. Are goats sending up information to this new cloud over Earth? What of horses, donkeys and camels? Maybe even the family dog is in on this mess.

 Then that pesky gaseous animal – the worst of them all – enters upright and revs his or her SUV and slips it into first. Groceries are bought and brought home, and the carbon footprint grows larger and larger. Forgotten milk and Jim’s favorite Hatch Chili Dusted Tortilla Chips were forgotten, so you go back: You, my dear, are an anti-Earth perfectionist.

 Car exhaust IS our giant contribution to the cow fart overhead, that and factories approved by the EPA. (I just couldn’t help that bitchy aside.) We plan poorly, overuse, and screw up our relationship with the greatest friend we ever had, Mother Earth.

 As Mark Bittman of The New York Times (Mr. Influencer) suggests, if we’d just eat one meal a day without meat some of this fart-petroleum exhaust cloud would dissipate.

 Why not pick breakfast or lunch as your vegetarian moment? Save some meat for day’s end and more time to chew at the table.

 Stick-to-the-Ribs Skinny Green Smoothie


For this recipe, leave a can of coconut milk in the refrigerator overnight. You will ONLY use the thick custard like coconut milk that solidifies in the cold can. This smoothie will keep you full for hours and hours.


½ avocado, pitted and flesh scooped out

¼ cup cold coconut milk solids

1 cup spinach

Juice of ½ orange

2 tablespoons chia seeds

Coconut water to taste


1.Put the avocado, coconut milk solids, spinach, orange and chia in the blender.

 2. Add coconut to cover and blend, dropping ice through the top of the blender. Serve.