Don’t Be A Fat Head: Losing and Gaining Weight Rewires Your Brain

Guys like Dr Mark Hyman have been telling us this stuff for years. Food actually changes your DNA. ( You can get your own metabolism to process fat faster, keep blood sugar levels stable so you don’t get cravings, satisfy food needs you misread as a need for a Snickers, unswell joints, clear your head and sleep better. Green #smoothies are a great little delivery device for all that. 

Here’s the next logical step: Not only does food have an impact on your DNA, it changes your neurology as well. You gain and lose a lot of weight, drop weight quickly and put it back on, etc., and as you do so, you rewire your brain for a resistance to weight loss. Your nerve literally send out signals you don’t want them too when you try to drop weight. This sucks. 

DO NOT go up and down with your weight. Lose it responsibly, with balance and logic. If you don’t, it literally messes with your head. So STOP IT. 

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