I have struggled with alcohol, my weight, how I fold my sheets, why I can’t remember to pick up milk or swing by the dry cleaners. I have also enjoyed addictions to specific men. What I have never understood, though, is what sends me over the edge. I go from “person who might be addicted” to “addicted as hell” in three seconds flat.

Then I wrote this book.  For the first time since puberty probably, I was off sugar. I didn’t want it. Didn’t think about it. More importantly, other dogs of addiction stopped barking as well. I didn’t get all high on sugar and start saying and doing stupid stuff.  I could have saved a bunch of money at Passages Malibu if someone had told me this shit.

So, I’m telling you: Watch the sugar. Watch your moods. Watch your behaviors. After the sugar changes your mood you are probably saying and doing destructive things. This is how we fix it.  

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