4 Reasons Why “New Adult” Won’t Do: Ebooks


The post above from Publisher’s Weekly gave me pause. Could you really parse writing into yet a smaller sub-category? Does something allude publishing that demographics are a part of understanding your market, but do not have to do with story? Only POV?

Were publishers using the great unwashed “self-published” authors – authors they sneered at so frequently — as their test market? Instead of the internet itself? I fear the answers to both questions.

There are 4 simple reasons “New Adult” won’t work:

1. This Side of Paradise
2. The Great Gatsby
3. Tender is the Night
4. The Beautiful and the Damned

He was laying those works down in his 20s. He was writing them in his head at Princeton. He was a NEW ADULT.

Baloney. “New Adult” is a demographic, not a genre. It is a limiting label that will only attract other humans of exactly the same moist confused age of “New Adulthood.” Who would want to go back to the moment where you have a diploma but don’t know how to pay a utility bill?

Don’t make little warm pools of writers so it is easier to market. Don’t label books unnecessarily. The internet is made up of all kinds of data that really does work to sell books. You put it in the secret places, not on the book jacket. It leads your audience to your book rather than keeping readers away.

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