Shadow Teams Joins the Fray: #ebookchat, Friday 9/19, High Noon

Calling all e-book, digital publishing, and reading experts, enthusiasts, and inquirers… Please join the Shadow Teams crew on Friday, September 19th, from 12.00 p.m. to 1.00 p.m. Eastern Time, for #ebookchat.

In the near future, we’ll have themes/topics for each week’s chat (always Friday from 12-1, always with the #ebookchat hashtag). This week, however, to kick things off, we’ll just have a free for all and see what kinds of things everyone is interested in discussing. This isn’t meant to be a high-level, jargon-y hour for insiders, but a jumping-off point where everyone can learn a little, find out about some other chats/resources/links, and gain a few new Twitter pals, to boot.

Here’s how to participate:

— Make sure you have a Twitter account. Don’t know how to set one up? Here are some simple instructions.
— If you don’t plan on using an application like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck, remember that you can put the hashtag #ebookchat into Twitter to search for messages. Even easier: Use (there are other sites like this), as it allows you to open a window with just the #ebookchat tweets, nothing else.
— Share tweets, with or without your own comments, but try to include the hashtag so everyone knows where to turn for more information, or to join.
— Almost anything goes in a Twitter chat, but one thing that doesn’t: Self promotion. Please don’t make this about you; it’s about a community.
— Speaking of community, let your own Twitter followers know that you’ll be participating in a chat. People then know to skim your hashtagged tweets, or can “mute” you for a while. There’s a Chrome extension that can do this, too.

Are you interested in being a guest for #ebookchat? Email