My secret is I stopped eating and started drinking. A lot. Really, humans can go a pretty long way without food, but liquids, those you need. Large amounts, it turns out. More than 8 glasses of water a day.

The other thing I did was replace one meal – breakfast – with a green smoothie. I chose the morning because of the way smoothies hit the bloodstream: fast. Energy flows into the day earlier. I like that.

Somedays I have two smoothies, some days I have none. That’s bad. I should be consistent and so should you. What happens to your body on green smoothies will effect you, both physically and mentally. Clear thinking is a great “side effect” of these refined sugar-free drinks.

I kept making the things and getting skinnier but some of them tasted too much like front lawn. So I what I knew as a cookbook editor and writer – I edited two editions of Joy of Cooking and have written 4 books on diet – and put in fresh herbs, dried spice, dark teas and tisanes into these drinks. I used sparkling water and homemade almond and cashew milks. I worked on the flavor-pairings I knew to be the most delicious, and I did everything I could to make these things not EVER taste of front yard.

I wrote this as I figured it out. Hope you check it out and like it. It sure is inexpensive. http://amzn.to/1uNI5MA

So that’s my secret. That’s how I stopped being fat.

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