WHY I’M NOT FAT: How I Banished Plumber’s Butt to Hades in One Move (And It’s Not Buying Different Pants)

Being 25 lbs overweight – for 10 years – leads to memories triggered by fat. The time I bent to pick up the New York Times and the dude behind me started giggling and going “but…but….but….”

Now that I’m not fat, I don’t have plumbers butt anymore. I also don’t have back fat or cascading waist fat. The 25 lbs are gone. They are gone because I stopped eating and started drinking.

One of these, ONE A DAY AT LEAST http://amzn.to/XUwmPz and if you want more, drink more. Substitute one meal for a substantial one…..lighter ones in between. And in between that, ice water with a tablespoon of raw honey and the juice of 1 lemon. The lemon detoxes the liver and dulls appetite. The raw honey provides energy and all the living bee particles from when they were working with it. Buy raw.

As I drank more and more #green #smoothies, my body became used to less and less solid food. I just casually started eating some meals again and ate about half the food. You start eating so much your stomach hurts, drop back to more smoothies. Use your head. Listen to your gut. It’s not live it dies. It’s simple common sense.

Being fat is a drag. Believe me, I know.

Nest week: Where does fat go when it leaves a body? Does it hover in the air waiting for its next host?

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