A HALF CENTURY OF ZITS: How I Broke Out of the Pimple Gulag in One Easy Move

You’ve tried washing them off. You’ve tried scrubbing them off. You’ve put potions and gooey things all over your face. You’ve seen a few derms and spent way too much on all this stuff. All you wanted was for the red bumps to go away.

In all of this nonsense, has anyone said to you, “YOU HAVE A ZINC DEFICIENCY?” Most of the world does. And your skin needs zinc – a good steady supply – to heal itself and send pimples packing.

Now this may not work for everyone, but I am here to tell you, I have been working on my face forever and it was only after I began writing this http://amzn.to/1uyyd76 that I finally got the skin I had longed for forever.

Why? It’s the zinc. Spinach and blackberries and raspberries and cashews have large amounts of zinc. As you whirl and drink your elixir, that zinc goes to work on the largest organ in your body – skin – and makes it glow.

Smoothies also make you lose fat. Just drink one a day. It doesn’t have to be a meal: Just when you are hungry. Then drink another one when you get hungry. Replace a meal or two with a smoothie. Switch back to lean meats and veggies. Back and forth and you’ll have lost more weight in a month than you ever imagined. Don’t pay attention except to make that smoothie: no processed sugars is your only rule.

Once you get the nutrition your body needs, you won’t have those inexplicable cravings. And with no zits, you’ll want to go out and dance.

It works. I SWEAR. Even for people with a half-century of zits and a really slow metabolism.

DO IT. And #follow me on @skinnysmoothies or Facebook at Skinny Green Smoothies. We’ll have fun.

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