Fat AND Mean: One Thing Made Me Thin and Calm. One Thing.

I was fat and I was mean. Twenty years of sitting at a desk thwarting crazy bosses and the minion’s of crazy bosses, sent to observe, had done me in. I worked out all the time and injured myself repeatedly. I couldn’t even relax enough to exercise. I ate gobs of sugar every afternoon around 4 pm. Certainly, I’d burn if off at the gym.

Then, I was asked to write some cookbook with a request to add these new kind of drinks the West Coast loved: these GREEN SMOOTHIE things. We were juicing here in the East, but this felt new. This felt rad and this felt raw.

So, I wrote that book. I loved testing the recipes I created, all Paleo. Then, I decided to keep going. I wrote this: http://amzn.to/1yp2Lyy I wrote it and incorporated cook’s tricks – more fresh herbs, toasted spices, grilled fruits. I kept an eye to nutrients that relaxed and healed. And I found the secret to calm: Kiwi.

Kiwi is a food – like turkey – that calms. I put 3 – 5 peeled chunked kiwi in every green smoothie I make. I drink it in the morning to deal with my day. You may want it at night to help you sleep. Either way, you are on the way to a calmer you. Less fat. Less mean.

The world could use a lot more of that.