An UnFat Future: No Scooter for Me Because I Know How Not to Be Fat

I don’t mean to boast; but I finally figured how not to be fat. I eat the food I didn’t want to eat in one form ( a vegetable, a fruit ) in a form I do love: a drink that resembles a milkshake.

One green smoothie (don’t use processed sugar – use raw honey for the active bee particles) ~ will provide an infusion of nutrition into your body and keep your blood level stable. You won’t have a craving or want to binge. Try to eat as healthy as you can and add a smoothie when you are hungry.
Smoothies, meals, smoothies, meals. It works.

I learned it all writing a cookbook. It was Paleo smoothies. Then I wrote this because I’m a cook and wanted to add teas and tisanes and cook’s tricks. In the process, the weight melted away without my paying attention. My skin glowed. It was unconscious and fun.

In between meals or green smoothies, drink lots of water. Pure clean water. That’s what your body really wants anyway. It can just get boring once in awhile. Use the purest water you get get. Make your ice cubes out of the same clean water.

Here are some ideas for that water:

1. Add slices of cucumber and let the water sit at room temperature for at least an hour. (You want a green whisper of cucumber flavor in the water.) Add ice and serve.
2. Add thin slices of lemon or lime or oranges or any combination therein.
3. Make a tisane by pouring almost boiling water of an herb of flower such as lavender or chamomile. Serve warm or over ice.
4 Lemon and raw honey water: Juice of 2 lemons anad 1 teaspoon raw honey (Lemon dulls the appetite and raw honey is the perfect sweetness.)
%. Teas, the darker or the greener the better. Cool. Hot. Lots of tea.

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