Turns out that red grapes turn on three of your longevity genes. That’s right, the DNA that helps you live longer.

Grapes get your FoxOs, SirTis and PBEFs revving, those 3 genes that say so much about how long you will live. Sure everybody has heard of “the French paradox” – the red wine drinking that also magically keeps arteries clear – and resveratrol, a plant compound that is put in all kinds of products and sold everywhere from Sephora to GNC.

But it is the FoxOs…and SirTis….and the PBEFs you want to rev up….IF, that is, you’ve really invested well in your 401K. You’ll live forever!

I learned about grapes writing this thing http://amzn.to/1szhjZG Now I keep a sealed baggy of frozen red seedless grapes in my freezer and throw by the handful into my green smoothies every day.

I’m not Bridgette Bardot, but I ain’t bad.

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