Meeting sleepers. Mouth breathers. Drool.

You are never going to get anywhere is you don’t get any sleep: Life is simply not a Facebook start-up. Most of us have to run a long game and, if you have one brain cell in your body at 25 (believe me, I DIDN’T), I would have taken a lot better care of my insides. The outsides were fine. For the most part, I’ve just needed shampoo.

Today, I am a former underwear model turned disco queen turned publicist turned book publisher. What a horrific list. But, I have learned a little something about playing the long game: YOU HAVE TO SLEEP. No, you can’t do it when you’re dead. And it turns out it is cumulative so you can catch up on the weekend. But eventually, YOU HAVE TO SLEEP.

Your brain regenerates at night, working hard to establish new electrical pathways based on your newest experiences and learning. You have NEUROPLASTICITY (oh, everyone’s talking about it!), which means your brain is always forming, informing and reforming pathways. For this, YOU MUST SLEEP.

You can use Ambien or you can drink one of these filled with beet greens, kiwi, unsweetened almond milk, raw honey, green tea, bananas, dark cacao power, cinnamon, lavender or chamomile teas and infusions, spinach, kale or fresh herbs, whatever pleases you, all chosen from a long list of hyper-relaxing foods.

Quit being so off calendar. Show up and be alert. Get sleep the night before. Let your brain work.

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