The Dying Writer Leaned Forward and Rasped, “HIT PUBLISH!”

More and more, successful writers are putting a few manuscripts back as a legacy – financial and otherwise – for the ones they love. What is the writer’s request on his or her deathbed? That their family lean forward at the desk and hit “publish,” reaping almost immediate financial reward for the writing career he or she – now dead – built.

That means no more “estates.” That means less lawyers and more families steering an author’s work into the future. All we can hope is that those families appreciated the talent and writing. If the writer has built his or her life well, their legacy will be moved forward by the people that have love of person, not just love of money.

Writers are businesses all onto themselves. What they produce has enormous value and sometimes, the market even reflects that fact. But we all learned that markets are fickle. Talent, not so much. It just keeps coming and coming and producing and producing. Innovation hits land and washes the slow and fat before it. It has always been so and always will, Traditional Publishing.

Writers no longer need someone to publish them. They need a little help here and there, getting things formatted for machines, doing a line edit. But what a writer needs is readers and now, in the brave new digital world, they’re everywhere. All the time.

Thank goodness.

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