Chat #BookVersusMovie with Us on 10/3!

This week, Shadow Teams is putting #ebookchat on hold temporarily to have a lively discussion with @BookVersusMovie, a team of two women, both named Margo, who have a great podcast that will help you give the real smackdown to adaptations. Which is better? Now you’ll know! Come chat with The Margos about their favorite books, movies, and digital tools. Friday, October 3, 12-1 Eastern time, with the hashtag #bookversusmovie. We can’t wait to see your smiling avatar there!

Here’s how to participate:

– Make sure you have a Twitter account. Don’t know how to set one up? Here are some simple instructions.
— If you don’t plan on using an application like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck, remember that you can put the hashtag #ebookchat into Twitter to search for messages. Even easier: Use (there are other sites like this), as it allows you to open a window with just the #ebookchat tweets, nothing else.
— Share tweets, with or without your own comments, but try to include the hashtag so everyone knows where to turn for more information, or to join.
— Almost anything goes in a Twitter chat, but one thing that doesn’t: Self promotion. Please don’t make this about you; it’s about a community.
— Speaking of community, let your own Twitter followers know that you’ll be participating in a chat. People then know to skim your hashtagged tweets, or can “mute” you for a while. There’s a Chrome extension that can do this, too.

#Ebookchat will return on October 10th at noon. Are you interested in being a guest for #ebookchat? Email

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