Peter Griffin is real and yeah, he’s fat

Some people have a fat personality. Now, before you get all mad, hear me out.

Fat is a lifestyle. Fat is an American lifestyle. You wear stretchy clothes, hang out with people like yourself, eat, drink and be merry. I’ve seen you people, deep in the fat lifestyle. I envied you: you were howling with laughter every time. i resented your lightness of spirit even though I knew your inseam would give from the load. At times, I was one of you.

There is only one problem with the siren’s call of the large lifestyle: it’s hard on your heart. And your liver and kidneys. Your joints don’t like it either. Hormones are manufactured in human fat so the endocrine system malfunctions – or over functions – as well. Diabetes is the scariest: too many missing limbs.

Live large, if you feel the need. Do not not sustain it. Understand that you court a reduced lifespan just as you would if you smoked a pack a day. Just as the Mad Men died in their 60s from smoke and drink, obese Americans will die far too early, breaking everyone’s heart.

Lose weight. Start by drinking a milkshake-like creation instead of a solid snack. You can have banana and chocolate and peanut butter. In a couple of days or weeks, try one instead of lunch. Or try two instead of lunch. You will not believe what happens when your body gets what it needs.

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