The True Perfect Smoothie For One: The Ratio is 1/2:1:1:2


I was nosing around the interwebs and saw “never fail” steps for making a perfect smoothie. I was a bit alarmed at the overall use of banana, (100 calories or so per.)

I had a flash of the fat guy that blows up in The Meaning of Life. Or the outside of a box of “Colon Blow” I remember in a haze from #Saturday Nigh Live the 1980s.

Try this instead

1/2 banana or avocado
1 cup greens
1 cup fruit
2 – 3 cups base liquid

(Photo from

Buy small amounts of greens and herbs as they lose nutrients quickly. Have all ingredients cold so that you don’t waste flavor with ice melting. Large batches shouldn’t be held in the refrigerator because too many nutrients are lost.

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