A Paranoid’s Guide to Sugar

imagesPlease, men. Don’t take this personally. I was looking for an image of a gross sugar creation, and this fit the bill. I’m sure all of your have a giant penis and are quite young.

With that out of the way, let’s talk about what sugar is really doing to you and who is supplying that sugar:

1. Food manufacturers pump sugar into the food supply in the same way tar and nicotine were pumped into cigarettes. The assertion is rough but RJ Reynolds and Kraft may have more in common than any of us know.

2. If you believe sugar to be an addiction – and I do – that means that food manufacturers are trying to get you hooked.That should make you mad, like a heroin dealer has moved on your block. Sugar is an important part of most fermented liquids, and alcoholism has a huge sugar-addiction component in it as well.

3. Americans consume, on average, 133 pounds of sugar a year. (See numbers 1 and 2.)

4. Sugars and high corn syrup fructose wreck hell on your hormones, telling the brain you are still hungry. Sugar makes you eat more and more and more…….

5. Sugar accelerates aging (thus the birthday cake as you tick off another year?!?) Sugar creates oxygen radicals that attach to cells, accelerating damage and deterioration on the cellular level which leads to serious disease and wrinkles. Ew!

I had no idea sugar was the anti-Christ until I wrote this   http://amzn.to/1wglPMB   But after giving up smoking and drinking over the course of my life – two very difficult withdrawals – I am a little angry at the food industry for flirting with creating more addiction in the world. Like we don’t have enough already.

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