imagesOnline self-publishing, or “digital pioneers” as I like to call them, were born of the huge wall built by commercial publishing. Now that the mighty Jeff Bezos, the Che Guevara of book publishing, has set us all free, new companies are springing up left and right. And guess what? There’s no sign over the door.

Book publishing has gone virtual. I set up www.shadowteams.com on just such a premise. You call me, I connect you with the right editors, line editors and designers, and we make your book. We need a laptop and a WiFi connection. We do not have any overhead. We get to play with our cats as we edit.

Companies are rising left and right.  Blurb is a new one, connected to #NaNoWriMo, the Survivor-like reality show that hits every November.  Reedsy, Bibliocrunch and Book Machine also have self-publishing templates with the added benefit of hiring experienced editors, etc.

I set up www.shadowteams.com with no templates. I want authors to call.  For it is my experience that one of the most important aspects of great publishing is CHEMISTRY. I had it when I edited Temple Grandin and understood her completely. I also had it when I edited the material in Woman Food and God. Humans need to play off each other when it comes to writing, and that’s a lot of the fun part.

Check us out. We like to talk. No templates. That’s boring.

Come visit.

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