Starting a Company

/beth wareham

About six months ago, I started a publishing company. It’s a bunch of people spread across the universe, working at all hours and with varying degrees of jubilation, on stories. We have big long stories about the holocaust and short little stories about a young woman and the first time she understood what bravery meant.

In this first small group of books, we have themes that make me want to run and cry: teenagers hold their mother as she starves to death of stomach cancer; a young American Jewish couple confronts the fallout of the Holocaust in 1950s Europe; essays from an 85-year old writer encouraging young women as they start their lives to seek out valor, courage, honesty, discovery, and living without fear.

And of course, I had to write a little cookbook and throw it in there because hell, why have a publishing company and not publish yourself? It’s masturbation and I LOVE it. (Thank you, Louis C.K.)

The real point of this is that in 6 months, me and my merry band of Indies made 6 books more beautiful and interesting than anything I ever made in a building in mid-town Manhattan. I worked in a skyscraper with 800 people and getting 6 books out took about half that group. I published about 15 books a year, some of it crap, some of it sheer genius. It was a huge, complicated, completely stupid way to make a book. I shudder thinking of those horrible covers.

Me and my merry band are, at our biggest, a group of six. We are always changing, always upping the tech knowledge and speed. We sell books in surprising places, pulled from the pack, highlighting the craftmanship and art of the work. We have no crap trying to sell you something else. We have no corporate boilerplates that mean nothing to any one except that guy in the corporate pr office. We are, to a great extent, enjoying a moment of real freedom.

Take a look at some of the first offerings. Let us know how we are doing. We do this out of love and we do this out of the belief that everyone has a story and the inherent right to tell it the way they want to.

We have nothing but respect for people who put themselves on the line with art, the people willing to expose and examine what is difficult, sometimes beyond comprehension, but essential to the movement – hopefully forward – of the human race.


Here’s Ruth reading from Reparations, a novel begun in the 1950s that sat in a box, one of those special jewels of Indie publishing.

Ruth Sidransky’s three new books as well as her masterpiece IN SILENCE are all available on amazon.

One thought on “Starting a Company

  1. Ohh Beth. I am so glad that social media brought you in to my life all those years ago. You Beauty, you! Thanks for all the the the STUFF, you know. The beauty and the work and the Africa and the YOU.


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