Sidransky, 85, reads from her masterwork, Reparations, begun in 1950
/beth wareham

Author Ruth Sidransky reads from Reparations, her novel begun in 1950 when, as a young American Jew, she moved to Europe with her husband and began smuggling for the Jews who survived in sewers and the woods.

She makes a European “family” of Holocaust survivors who slowly reveal their stories of horror. And she comes to understand that the only answer to death is life.

Given recent events in Europe, Reparations as a story feels extremely close and relevant as does the heroine’s thoroughly modern choice: to create new life and raise her children in America, commuting back and forth helping build a new country called Israel.

Reparations is a voice coming at us from forty years ago, raw, fascinating, heartbreaking, and finally filled with the wonder of the resilience of human beings.

click on the cover to buy the book.<a href=””>Reparations3

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