We Know She Was Here: She Left Behind the Pin She Hid at Auschwitz

/Beth Wareham

Forty years ago, Ruth Sidransky wrote about her experiences as a young American Jew teaching English immediately following the war in Vienna. In this big, sweeping novel, the lead character, Molly Rose, is almost set upon by her English class when they discover she is a Jew. Her protector, a taciturn young woman, sits in front of her in class everyday going forward, protecting her from the other students who would need more than a World War to tame their racism.

That young woman was real. She had been experimented on by Mengele and she had lost her entire family. She could not have a family of her own because of the damage to her body. She gave Sidransky the pin so that she would be remembered, to someone, somewhere.

Let’s remember Clara too.


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