Art of Sales COVER-4


/Beth Wareham

The Art of Sales, Marketing and the Spokesperson is not the first business book I’ve worked on but surely the sweetest. Sweet? With George Foreman on the cover?

Well, yes. He is in fact one of the kindest people I’ve ever met and when Leon and Samantha Dreimann, the grill gurus, decided to write a case study of the rise of the George Foreman Grill, I jumped on it.

What did these people know that allowed them to sell 1 million grills a week at the apex of a ten year selling campaign? That was an UNPRECEDENTED amount of time on top, an UNPRECEDENTED market share for small home appliances. How in the world did they pull it off?

Imagine my shock when George Foreman, Leon Dreimannn and Samantha Dreimann all attributed their huge success to the following:

1. Hard Work
2. Integrity
3. Relationships
4. Innovation
5. Kindness

Now there is a list that you don’t see often. But it’s a list befitting an American Gold Medalist, a multi-title holder of the Heavy Weight Boxing Champion of the World title, an ordained minister, a father, a husband, a philanthropist and entrepreneur. It’s a list befitting George Foreman.

And boy is he a good teacher. You learn by example: Never denigrate your opponent. Smile. Bring joy to the moment. Learn from every experience. Put the time in. Empathize with clients. Help everyone you can.

Listen. Be humble. Use humor. And of course, those dimples of his help as well.

I don’t understand why the world needs “derivatives” or “shorts” or “longs,” but I do see why we need George Foreman.

And about 100 million more of him; one for each grill.

Look for The Art of Sales and Marketing in the next weeks…..it will be available on amazon.com and where other books are sold.

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