/Beth Wareham

Before you go any further or yell anything, read this Wikipedia entry on the Bracero Program

Seems in World War II, FDR needed labor to keep America moving while working age men fought the war. He made a deal with Mexico to bring up tens of thousands of workers to harvest food, run railways and build roads. Some braceros (literally “one who uses his arms”) returned to Mexico, horrified by working conditions in some parts. But many others stayed.

These Mexicans, these braceros that stayed, kept America moving as the world fought one of the greatest evils ever (though ISIS, still in training wheels, is making a run at it), Hitler and the Nazis.

Now, we argue over the fate of those third and fourth generation braceros. What an offense. These Americans carry the DNA that strengthened America in WORLD WAR II and we want to send them packing.

Everyone seems to have forgotten this moment in history. No one in Washington DC talks of it, at least that I’ve heard. I thought they knew their history there.

All of his breaks my heart. Obama has deported as many illegals with criminal records as any President in history. The recent push to the border came from confusion, poverty and an endless border war that has killed tens of thousands of people uninvolved in drug trafficking.

If I were a mother, I’d be trying to cross that river or desert too, so have empathy. And for the ones that, in their way, fought Hitler, for the love of God, thank their descendents and give them their citizenship.

As a Texan (and believe me, you ARE one for life), I understand the impossibility of running this country without the endless contribution of Mexico. I want to always live with them, eat their food, admire their work ethic, sense of family, and joy. Mexicans are a blast.

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