Can You Get Hammered and Detox at the Same Time? Maybe.


/Beth Wareham

I write cookbooks. Lots of them. Most without my name appearing in the text. I like this. It allows me to slip the sausage to hundreds, if not thousands, without them even knowing I was there.

I did put my name on this book: Skinny Green Smoothies. You can click on the name to buy it, if you’d like. I wrote it on a rock off the coast of the Big Island and tested it on a rock off the coast of Northern Canada. That’s how I roll, rock to rock.

It’s getting to be green smoothie time again. These amazing nutrition bombs are summer food to me, so I’m just starting to think of them again. I love these drinks for the glow I get…not to mention the very flat stomach at age 55…..but sometimes, I think they are too healthy.

Thus, I’ve written a kind of on-the-fence green smoothie. I’ve added liquids to help you get hammered while detoxing your liver simultaneously. Is this biologically feasible, you ask?

I have no earthly idea. But you’ll feel much better getting hammered if you know you are also detoxing, right?

1 serving

Milk thistle cleans the liver as do the greens and especially lemon.

1 cup baby spinach
Juice of one lemon
1 long squirt liquid milk thistle with alcohol
1/4 cup mint
1 oz white rum
3 tablespoons sugar cane juice, or to taste
club soda

1. Put the spinach in the blender. Strain the fresh lemon juice atop. Add the long squirt of milk thistle.

2. Add the mint, shot of fun and sugar cane juice and process until smooth.

3. Stir in the club soda until you have the drink texture you like. Pour over ice and serve. Smoothiecover

Click on the title here to buy Skinny Green Smoothies: 75 Delicious Drinks for Weight Loss, Detoxification, Energy, Health Clear Skin and Beauty

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