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I’ve edited or promoted three editions of the Joy of Cooking as well as Bobby Flay, Danielle Boulud, Mark Bittman, Dr Mark Hyman, etc, and have probably written and edited 25 more cookbooks. What I see, unilaterally, with every new eating trend or innovation is that it dies as the flavor dies. People just need interesting things to eat to make life interesting. Food is one of the simplest ways to cheer someone up. So, make it taste good.

Too many green smoothies taste like the front yard. Too many smoothie advocates are so used to that green/lemon tartness they don’t want other flavor, but my bet is that you do. We are not woodland animals, at least not now. We have more sophisticated palates than the #greensmoothie people give us credit for.

The following are 10 ways to jack up the flavors of you drinks. It may add 30 seconds to 2 minutes to your preparation time, but your smoothie will be jacked and the best in the yard.

1. Melt 1 – 2 ounce fine dark chocolate with high fat content in a double boiler. Add to the smoothie just before you add the ice. Blend and then blend in extra ice to compensate for heat in the chocolate. MILKSHAKE TIME.

2. Grill fruits. That’s right, a slightly charred peach or apricot transforms a smoothie.

3. Use frozen red grapes. This is a perfect summer move and changes the temperature and texture of the smoothie. It will also bring that great red grape health to the drinker.

4. In a small dry frying pan over medium heat, stir your Ceylon cinnamon and turmeric (anti-inflammatory giants) for 1 to 2 minutes or until highly fragrant. Add to smoothie before you add the ice to compensate for the heat. You just may need a few extra cubes.

5. Use flavored teas that accentuate the main ingredient of your smoothie. Instead of adding lemon, use a lemon-flavored tea. If you are making a chocolate smoothie, you can add a complementary flavor such as a raspberry or orange tea as your base liquid.

6. Grow fresh herbs you cannot find in your local grocery. Thai basil is amazing in green smoothies, so is fresh lemongrass, chamomile and verbena. If you can’t find it, grow it.

7. Add liquid homeopathic drops such as valerian for sleepiness or passionflower for insomnia and pain. These drops are sold with or without alcohol, which is moot given how little you will use. Just make sure it tastes good to you and is a remedy that will assist with any issues you have from sleeplessness to anxiety and inflammation.

8. Make your own almond milk – here’s a great recipe http://bit.ly/UgRmxQ and your own cashew milk with this recipe here http://bit.ly/1iUJRav

And of course, ALL the recipes are in here: Skinny Green Smoothies – just click on the title to buy.


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