/Beth Wareham

People are getting a little wacky with the authenticity demands on green smoothies. I feel bad about it because I am never going to eat whirled up raw cabbage. Same goes with nettles. True of turnip greens. No.Can.Do

I’m sorry I’m not “greens diverse” but my baby spinach and kale have to do. These things have to be as close to heaven as I can get them or I just won’t drink the thing down. It also has to be cold and very thick to trick my being into not thinking it’s some healthy lawn juice.

Here are some ideas for ever creamier Green Smoothies:

1. Nut butters: peanut, cashew and almond butter are all wonderful in a green smoothie. Pair with a coconut base and you will always be right. (How simple is that?)

2. Refrigerated Coconut Milk: Leave a can of coconut milk in the refrigerator overnight. Open and remove the thick white solids settled at the bottom of the can. Add to the smoothie and use use the rest o the milk for another purpose.

3. Frozen fruit: Find frozen fruit with no sugar added for your green smoothies. Because the fruit is ice cold, you won’t need to add ice cubes and your drink will be much creamier and thicker.

4. 100% Fruit: I stir in a tablespoon of 100% fruit (with no added sugar) after I finish whirling the smoothie. It jacks up the flavor and thickens the drink.

5. Presoaked Chia Seeds: Chia seeds hold moisture so you can change their flavor willy nilly. So, soak them in extra exotic juice and throw them in the smoothie AFTER you blend. They become a different kind of ingredient.

6. Melted dark chocolate: It takes seconds in a microwave and a minute on the stovetop but allows you to put top quality, high fat dark chocolate into your drinks. Heaven.

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