My Tech Team is Bad Ass, the Editor Said


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Never in my wildest dreams did I think my nerds would become the Crazy 8s. Tentative at first, they now sword fight me on every balcony, demanding more and more content at the speed of light. Every wobble on In Design and they get all OCD on my ass. They created shared file project maps and will no longer accept me shouting cover copy over the phone; I must type it up and put it in the right damn place.

In short, my nerds have tamed me. i have never met such amazing people in my life. Every cover, author website, book design platform, social media and analytics are done by my nerds and I’ve decided if I act more like them, I can’t help but succeed at everything.

Dear Nerds, Katherine and Kim, you are remarkable women publishing hard and fast, like a gang. I am nothing but grateful.

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On June 21, the Summer Solstice – and longest day of the year – is celebrated in Times Square, New York City, by thousands practicing yoga together and letting all that light in. This year – 2015 – is the first World Yoga Day as designated by the U.N.

On center stage in Times Square, Rajashree and colleagues will teach from 2:00 to 3:30 pm. Bikram Yoga NYC Will also host Rajashree for another class and book signing. Log on to for details.

And to buy Rajashree’s new book? Click here Rajashree’s Pregnancy Yoga

Rajashree's Pregnancy Yoga CoverAthleta: Mind Over Madness Yoga 2015

Sunday, June 21, 2015
9:00am 7:30pm
Athleta Mind Over Madness
Summer Solstice in Times Square
Bikram Yoga 2:00pm-3:30pm
Instructed by
Rajashree Choudhury
Donna Rubin and Jennifer Lobo

WHAT: A free yoga-fest in the heart of Times Square. Both experienced and beginner Yoga enthusiasts unroll their yoga mats for FREE outdoor classes in the center of the world’s busiest intersection.
WHEN: Sunday, June 21, 2015
WHERE: Times Square
Registration is now open! Thank you for your patience! For those of you making a pilgrimage to NYC for this event, click here to see Times Square hotel deals to help plan your trip.
The Times Square Alliance is pleased to support three of our favorite yoga charities this year, Bent on Learning, Exhale to Inhale and Urban Zen. While you register, please consider contributing to one or all of these great NYC-based yoga-related charities. Since all Solstice classes are free, consider a donation equal to the amount you would normally pay for a yoga class.
This year, there is an exciting new development. The United Nations General Assembly has declared that June 21st is the International Day of Yoga, and is planning a global celebration, with New York City and Times Square playing central roles, in part because of our 13-year tradition of having a Solstice yoga event here at the Crossroads of the World. Times Square is the leading official public site in New York City for the International Day of Yoga, and dignitaries from the UN and the Government of India are scheduled to attend our event on the 21st.
Solstice in Times Square Class Schedule:
Class times and instructors are subject to change. All registrants will be informed about any adjustments prior to the day.

2:00 pm – 3:30 pm
Rajashree Choudhury, Donna Rubin, and Jennifer Lobo

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Wife. CEO. Cat Lover. Boxer. Hendrix Freak. NOVELIST.


/Beth Wareham

I am a writer by night (yes, like a vampire) and a vampire by day (yes, I’m a publisher) and I try to keep the two separate. I cannot publish myself – it’s too much like public diddling – nor can I let my authors see me pulled off working their books to work mine. Tacky.

What to do. What to do. At the moment I’ll do nothing but let a few friends read it and see if they liked the sex. I’ll excerpt the blow job scene and email it to my 86 year old friend Ruth. I’ll sit around thinking “dear lord above I finished a novel” and reach for candy, which I surely deserve.

I’ve written oodles of books, most without my name. All non-fiction. I’m not a pornographer. I am a ghost. (You go think about that for awhile.) This is the first time I have thrown my sizable being into fiction and come out the other side. If I end up putting it in a box under the bed, I’ve still accomplished more than I ever imagined.

‘cuz listen everybody. This fiction-writing is hard stuff.

The mighty, the Few, the Novelists.

Off for some more champagne.

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