My Tech Team is Bad Ass, the Editor Said


/Beth Wareham

Never in my wildest dreams did I think my nerds would become the Crazy 8s. Tentative at first, they now sword fight me on every balcony, demanding more and more content at the speed of light. Every wobble on In Design and they get all OCD on my ass. They created shared file project maps and will no longer accept me shouting cover copy over the phone; I must type it up and put it in the right damn place.

In short, my nerds have tamed me. i have never met such amazing people in my life. Every cover, author website, book design platform, social media and analytics are done by my nerds and I’ve decided if I act more like them, I can’t help but succeed at everything.

Dear Nerds, Katherine and Kim, you are remarkable women publishing hard and fast, like a gang. I am nothing but grateful.

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