/Beth Wareham

I am not some bold reader of experimental fiction. For years I studied the classics and still am not 1/4 of the way through reading what I believe makes me a well-read adult. I am also a middle-aged white female perfectionist.

I have spent time inside 2666 though. I found out about it online. It was only after the invention of the Kindle that I could take on Anna Karenina (I needed the French translated and the book light enough to carry). In the case of Infinite Jest, I just needed the joie de vie of the light reader to cram in my purse to put this notch on my reading belt.

Regardless of whether you are afraid of new fiction or slavishly follow reviews in the New Yorker and The New York Times, books have never been cheaper, more available and easier to read.

Spend a little time on NPR.com or Book Riot or Good Reads and see if you like the feel of the place: That’s your new bookstore. See what readers are talking about, explore your favorite subjects, get lost in what interests you.

For if there is anything the digital revolution gave us, it’s “make up your own mind.” That, of course, and the ebook for under $9.99.

We love that price and we love that availability. Put on your helmet and spelunk through the internet until you, the reader, find your reading cave (which, by the by, smells so much better than the average “Man Cave.”) Then, from there, don’t be afraid of “reading mistakes.” At these prices and ease of purchase, you can’t make a bad buy.

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To search for great book ideas, try NPR.com/books or

Book Riot or Good Reads

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