Meet Gabriel Horn, Author of Motherless

National Native American Indian Heritage Month, Gabriel Horn, Motherless

Native American Author Professor Gabriel Horn-White Deer of Autumn

November National American Indian Heritage Month, Native American Author Gabriel Horn, Motherless

/Beth Wareham

Few books and few authors have moved me as Gabriel Horn has. His book Motherless is, as his first review that reads in part, “magnificent storytelling!” and its impact on the heart is huge. With the wisdom of our first and best caretakers of the natural world, Horn uses Native wisdom in a quest to heal the battered and bruised Earth. Read about him here. Click on the title to buy the book: MOTHERLESS

“I remember the horn necklace placed around my neck by a woman visiting with me at the time. She said, … never forget. That’s what I remember. I was a very small child then, but all through my life, I never did forget. My name bears that conviction.

“I would learn early in life that being Indian was never an intellectual choice. No matter where I found myself, or where I lived, I was Indian. No one could have taken that away. It was my heart. The men and women in black robes couldn’t take it away from me; neither could the public school systems of America. It couldn’t be ridiculed or humiliated out of me by those I felt ashamed of and those ashamed of me. It couldn’t be beaten out of me. Even now, it can’t be blood quantumed out of me. I am Indigenous to my death. As La Donna Harris once said, Blood runs the heart; the heart knows what it is.

“Years after the gift of the horn necklace, I would find my traditional uncles, Metacomet and Nippawanock. They would present me another necklace. This one consisted of Persian turquoise, beads of Indian wampum and beads of glass from Europe, deer antlers and bone from America, and a steel wire that strung everything together. As they placed the necklace they had made for me over my head so that it draped across my chest, they said, ‘Like you, dissimilar things had been fitted together to create something beautiful and whole.’”

His legal name is Gabriel Horn. His Native American name in English is White Deer of Autumn. He has authored books for children and adults using both names.

Gabriel Horn, White Deer of Autumn, is a member of the family of Princess Red Wing, Metacomet, and Nippawanock of the Narragansett Tribe/Wampanoag Nation. He is an award-winning writer and teacher. He is also a nationally recognized lecturer on writing and on Native American philosophy and its intricate connection to the rights of traditional indigenous peoples, animals, and the welfare of the natural environment.

TO visit the MOTHERLESS page on, click on the title.

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