Black-eyed Kids: Children of MIBs?

by Nick Redfern. Nick is the author of more than thirty books on the paranormal, the supernatural,and the unknown. He has appeared on dozens of television shows including the History Channel’s Monster Quest, Nat Geo Wild’s The Monster Project, Fox News and the SyFy Channel’s Proof Positive. 

 Just a few nights ago, I was interviewed by a UK-based radio-show on my recently published book, Men in Black: Personal Stories and Eerie Adventures. During the course of the interview, the host asked me if I realized there seemed to be a deep connection – as well as profound similarities – between the infamous MIB and one of the creepiest mysteries of the 21st century. Namely, the Black Eyed Children.

Well, yes, I did know!

There can be very few people within the field of paranormal research who have not heard of the BEC. But, the MIB parallels might be new to some. In the same way that the Men in Black wear black suits and black fedoras, the Black Eyed Children often wear black hoodies. So, we have a black outfit and black head-gear present in both phenomena. Both the MIB and the BEC very often surface late at night. Trying to convince people to let them into their homes is one of the most chilling aspects of the activities of both the MIB and the BEC. And they are very good – almost too good – at making their escape. But, certainly, no-one has done more to highlight the MIB-BEC connections and parallels than David Weatherly, whose 2012 book, The Black Eyed Children, is essential reading.

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