AUTHOR AS HERO: Rachel Thompson’s Broken Pieces



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By Beth Wareham

I do not review books. I studied them in school for 15 years, worked as a book publicist, editor and publisher and now write books myself. I’ve read so many of them the scenes run through my head like my own life sometimes. I even sell them to the movies. But none of that gives me the chops to review a book. I just don’t have that kind of ego. (You heard me, Michi.)

I wanted to write about Rachel, though. I met her on twitter first and in her hotel room next. I’m like that – one minute we’re chatting virtually and the next minute I’m pounding on your door wanting to snuggle. Rachel let me in and a conversation started that is not yet done. She is remarkable. She has also transcended great harm and hurt into a beautifully realized human being – intelligent, fiercely creative, supportive, and all with a sense of humor second-to-none.

It was that sense of humor that propelled her first books – The Man-Code: Exposed and A Walk in the Snark. Hilarious, but hardly works to prepare us for Broken Pieces.

Sexually abused by a neighbor when young, Rachel tells us of her halting conversations with parents who did not yet know what we know about sexual predators. She shows us what these attacks did to her young soul and, most importantly, what the attacks continue to do to her soul today. Stronger? Yes. Haunted? Still.

For that is what transpires when you steal something as precious as sexuality or youth or safety: You create a person with a space inside, a haunted place, and in that space the abuser, the untrustworthy predator, lives. It can rise at any time. The danger remains.

So people like Rachel shine brighter, work harder to reach out other haunted survivors who can’t find the voice, the way out of the terror.

Rachel stood up before the world  and everybody and said this is what this is and this is what this feels like.

She is my hero still.






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I am a housewife in the East Village of New York City. I like to say that; it makes me smile. Sure, I can wash and fold and cook a soufflé, but I also love brawling in the boxing ring and getting baked at noon, wasting the whole day to conversation that alters me every time.

photo-5I also own half a publishing company and half a film production company. I write books. I sing to my cat and chase my husband down the hall, demanding $20 bucks because I’m so cute. He never gives it to me.

My closest friend is a gangster, a Blood OG in Harlem, 25 years younger than I am. He is the only person in my life who, when I said I was dead broke, he said “I’ll be there in a 30 minutes with 300 dollars.” I told him “no” and loved him forever for it. He has 4 kids. He got his “sett” to lay down arms years ago. He is a leader and one of our best hopes of changing the lives of young bangers.

542869bf-fa30-4f8d-80dc-3da6f0cb3df8.jpgTogether, my close friend and I have written a book about what it’s like to be a middle-aged white suburban housewife hanging out with a gang banger half her age. Oh how we laugh at the reactions. What fodder for a comedy about how silly the race thing really is.

Humor brings the discussion forward. Remember Dave Chappelle and his white writing partner? We could never hope to reach that level of genius, but we gave it a good try.

If you would consider reading HAIR CLUB BURNING: An Inter-racial Comedy and reviewing it in a post on March 15 or shortly after, we would be so honored. We would also love to read your thoughts about race in America. It’s a fast read – 1 hour and a half – written with enough velocity to give on-demand narratives a run for their money. We want to keep you sad, amused, heart-broken, elated, furious, loving and loved. In short, we want you to feel the world in these characters and most importantly, spend a minute or two looking at modern life from their point of view. 

And remember, it’s a lot more fun together than alone. I look forward to hearing from you at

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In his latest book, The Coming Financial Crisis: A Look Behind the Wizard’s Curtain, author John Truman Wolfe brings Americans the latest alarming financial news from Europe.The EU has adopted the “bail-in” policy used in the banking crisis in Cyprus and Greece. The FDIC is on board. It issued its edict on January 1, 2016. Few paid attention.

Except John Truman Wolfe. As he read the EU’s announcement, he felt “the hair on my neck stand on end.” As Dodd-Frank outlawed bail-outs, it paved the way for this latest instrument of the financial shell game: bail-ins.

Bail-ins allow toxic banks to pay derivative holders first by freezing depositor’s funds

above a certain level. The depositor is then issued stock in the toxic bank as compensation.

Yup, the gamblers who gamble with your money get paid first. What to do? Read this short book that connects all the fiscal dots, revealing what exactly is going on with the all-powerful Bank for International Settlements (Hitler’s bank), the Fed, the EU, the FDIC, the IMF, The World Bank and the rest of the banking cabal.

And once Wolfe clearly explains it all, he gives Americans solid how-to advice to safeguard themselves and their families for the next financial crisis.

It’s going to be a doozy.

What to do?

  1. Get your money out of banks holding massive amounts of derivative debt. These are the big banks – Chase, Citi, Bank of America, etc. – that hold trillions in toxic derivatives that, sooner or later, will be called in. Go to (free) or (19.95 fee for analysis). Move your money into a savings & loan with a strong stable rating.
  2. Get some precious metals. At the moment, currency (heavily manipulated) and                                  metals (also heavily manipulated) but a mix of the two will allow you liquidity when one is up and the other down.
  3. Buy multiple family real estate so that you will always have rental income and/or a place to live. If the structure has land on which to grow food, all the better.
  4. Finally, in times of upheaval, cash is king. Buy a good safe and keep some cash in your home. It just might save you and everything you love one day.

For more information, log on to and be smart about where you put your money.

It’s time all Americans stopped letting everyone have their money but them. Be smart. Keep what you earn.

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The Coming Financial Crisis Looks at the “Derivative Bubble” and How Banks Will Use YOUR Money to Recover

51CkNzqWvNL._SX312_BO1,204,203,200_.jpgby John Truman Wolfe

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I talked to a friend today.

Smart Dude, but he hadn’t quite grasped this whole Bail In operation.

It’s important to know what is being planned here. Your bank account could be at risk.

So let me explain it simply.

A strategy has been devised by the Global Financial Mafia (and I use that term advisedly) to protect banks – particularly the large banks – from the financial calamity that is going to result from the explosion of the derivatives bubble.

What is the “Derivatives Bubble?”

Derivatives are essentially bets – yes, like Vegas – bets between financial institutions primarily on the direction of interest rates. One bank thinks rates are going up, the other thinks they are going down and they bet.

The bet becomes a security, like a stock or a bond.

Then people bet on those bets and others bet on the bets of the bets and the bets pyramid to….

Today, there are about $1.2 QUADRILLION dollars in derivatives on the planet. $1,200,000,000,000,000.

About $227 Trillion are held by U.S. banks. $227,000,000,000,000.

The figures are mind numbing.

Banks can use depositors money to help fund their derivatives.

We are talking fiscal insanity.

Warren Buffet has called derivatives, “Financial weapons of mass destruction.”

Sooner or later this bubble will break. Banks who made bad “bets” will suffer catastrophic losses…or will they?

With the new “Bail In Strategy” (designed by the world’s top central bank in Basel, Switzerland) banks that suffer losses and are failing can take money from depositor’s accounts and convert the money to bank stock.

You’re scratching your head now thinking, they can’t possibly take my money….

The trouble is that once you put your money in the bank, IT IS NO LONGER YOUR MONEY. It’s the bank’s money. Yes, they owe it to you. But you are an “accounts payable.” You are what’s called an “unsecured creditor.” And unsecured creditors are paid out from a failing bank after the derivatives holders – the bank itself.

How much they can take is a question, as the FDIC, in issuing a memo on this procedure for U.S. banks, specifically omitted any mention of deposit insurance.

To get the full story of who is behind this and how to protect yourself, read my new book, The Coming Financial Crisis A Look Behind the Wizard’s Curtain. Print or digital.

It is written in “plain english.” Learn what is in progress and how to protect yourself.

Knowledge is power. Get some.

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The Coming Financial Crisis


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For decades, I never paid much attention to the business pages. Then, Lehman Brothers went down and I passed the building each day watching former employees exiting with cardboard boxes, usually with a plant sticking up. They would walk past the satellite trucks and reporters and down into the subway and unemployment. It was surreal watching that company with its $800 billion implode, the biggest bankruptcy of all time.

It was the beginning of the age of too big to fail and it is the new normal. The latest bizarre twist comes from the European Union via Greece and Cyprus.

A couple member countries had a little banking trouble recently and the Bank for International Settlements (a shady Swiss bunch that seems to run the Universe and have its own country, like the Vatican) stepped in to smooth it out. Their brainchild? BAIL-INs, and they are coming to a bank near you real soon.

Bail-ins saved the toxic banks in Greece and Cyprus by taking depositor’s cash and reissuing worthless bank stock in its place. Bank gets liquid and depositors get a butt full of shoe.

On January 1, 2016, the EU announced that bail-ins would be their policy moving forward. The FDIC is said to be on board. And that, dear depositor, means that if your bank is toxic with derivatives or any other kind of gambling debt (or rife with just plain stupidity), you’ll have to cough up some money and give the poor dears a hand if they get in trouble.

But, don’t believe me. Buy The Coming Financial Crisis and read as Wolfe connects the dots in an indictment of a banking system that will literally take the money out of your pocket if they want to.

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