In his latest book, The Coming Financial Crisis: A Look Behind the Wizard’s Curtain, author John Truman Wolfe brings Americans the latest alarming financial news from Europe.The EU has adopted the “bail-in” policy used in the banking crisis in Cyprus and Greece. The FDIC is on board. It issued its edict on January 1, 2016. Few paid attention.

Except John Truman Wolfe. As he read the EU’s announcement, he felt “the hair on my neck stand on end.” As Dodd-Frank outlawed bail-outs, it paved the way for this latest instrument of the financial shell game: bail-ins.

Bail-ins allow toxic banks to pay derivative holders first by freezing depositor’s funds

above a certain level. The depositor is then issued stock in the toxic bank as compensation.

Yup, the gamblers who gamble with your money get paid first. What to do? Read this short book that connects all the fiscal dots, revealing what exactly is going on with the all-powerful Bank for International Settlements (Hitler’s bank), the Fed, the EU, the FDIC, the IMF, The World Bank and the rest of the banking cabal.

And once Wolfe clearly explains it all, he gives Americans solid how-to advice to safeguard themselves and their families for the next financial crisis.

It’s going to be a doozy.

What to do?

  1. Get your money out of banks holding massive amounts of derivative debt. These are the big banks – Chase, Citi, Bank of America, etc. – that hold trillions in toxic derivatives that, sooner or later, will be called in. Go to (free) or (19.95 fee for analysis). Move your money into a savings & loan with a strong stable rating.
  2. Get some precious metals. At the moment, currency (heavily manipulated) and                                  metals (also heavily manipulated) but a mix of the two will allow you liquidity when one is up and the other down.
  3. Buy multiple family real estate so that you will always have rental income and/or a place to live. If the structure has land on which to grow food, all the better.
  4. Finally, in times of upheaval, cash is king. Buy a good safe and keep some cash in your home. It just might save you and everything you love one day.

For more information, log on to and be smart about where you put your money.

It’s time all Americans stopped letting everyone have their money but them. Be smart. Keep what you earn.

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