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I am a housewife in the East Village of New York City. I like to say that; it makes me smile. Sure, I can wash and fold and cook a soufflé, but I also love brawling in the boxing ring and getting baked at noon, wasting the whole day to conversation that alters me every time.

photo-5I also own half a publishing company and half a film production company. I write books. I sing to my cat and chase my husband down the hall, demanding $20 bucks because I’m so cute. He never gives it to me.

My closest friend is a gangster, a Blood OG in Harlem, 25 years younger than I am. He is the only person in my life who, when I said I was dead broke, he said “I’ll be there in a 30 minutes with 300 dollars.” I told him “no” and loved him forever for it. He has 4 kids. He got his “sett” to lay down arms years ago. He is a leader and one of our best hopes of changing the lives of young bangers.

542869bf-fa30-4f8d-80dc-3da6f0cb3df8.jpgTogether, my close friend and I have written a book about what it’s like to be a middle-aged white suburban housewife hanging out with a gang banger half her age. Oh how we laugh at the reactions. What fodder for a comedy about how silly the race thing really is.

Humor brings the discussion forward. Remember Dave Chappelle and his white writing partner? We could never hope to reach that level of genius, but we gave it a good try.

If you would consider reading HAIR CLUB BURNING: An Inter-racial Comedy and reviewing it in a post on March 15 or shortly after, we would be so honored. We would also love to read your thoughts about race in America. It’s a fast read – 1 hour and a half – written with enough velocity to give on-demand narratives a run for their money. We want to keep you sad, amused, heart-broken, elated, furious, loving and loved. In short, we want you to feel the world in these characters and most importantly, spend a minute or two looking at modern life from their point of view. 

And remember, it’s a lot more fun together than alone. I look forward to hearing from you at Beth@Shadowteams.com

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