HAIR CLUB BURNING  by Jason Davis and Beth Wareham

Review by Kac Young*


On sale date: March 15, 2016

Unknown-4 copy

You do not want this book to end, ever. It’s way too clever, entertaining, guffaw-inducing and scrumptiously poignant to not go on for at least another hundred pages. Just like the first bite of a cronut, you crave more.

The characters are expertly hatched with the skill of a psychological profiler and, to the delight of the reader, plausible. (I’m already casting the movie version in my head.) The writing is razor sharp, the humor ripe with hilarious references: the antagonist law firm is named Rosen, Guilder and Stern. The novel is peppered with durable phrases like, “horizontal fun in between vertical meetings,” or describing Starbucks as “a room full of white people moving through an overly moist environment.”

The principles of this novel not only come alive; they actually jump off the page onto your lap. The impeccable writing style makes it easy to believe every word even when a notorious gang banger shows up to a mani-pedi appointment in a suburban Westchester salon. There is always a logical human reason why culturally opposites find harmony.

This book is a great read. It’s fun, full of delicious bites of satisfying revenge and educational if you’re not from Harlem or South Central. I laughed, I gasped, and I rooted for the protagonists. It’s a wild romp and a half and I’m still a bit grouchy that it ended. I could have easily read another few hundred pages. Of course this does leave room for a sequel. Fingers crossed.

Kac Young was the Vice President of Television Production and Development at Universal Studios Hollywood and ran her company for 25 years, serving such clients as JC Penny and Procter & Gamble. She got her start in Hollywood working for Dick Clark and subsequently worked for Cher, Neil Diamond and host of other celebrities. After a career of high stress jobs, she had a heart attack in 2006 at age 57. She completely changed her life, becoming a PhD in Natural Health and a Doctor in both Clinical Hypnotherapy and Naturopathy. To know Kac is to love her.

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