“Privilege and Street Coincide and Meld”




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Guest Reviewer: Kevin R. Myers

“You better believe it: the New Adult and contemporary romance genres have collided to birth a delightfully banging, foul-mouthed tome of fun. I read HAIR CLUB BURNING in one fell swoop, and I love how much damn fun it is. Two wonderfully vivid voices (Beth Wareham and Jason Davis) have created a story about how “privilege” and “street” coincide and meld. The result is a wildly insightful comedy of manners, social structure and payback. The strings of profanity exclaimed throughout the book’s clever, colorful plot create loads of giddy guffaws. What you’ll really love is the unlikely partnership of Mary Ann and Jay, two people from utterly different worlds. Their friendship, and their ensuing romance, is way better than May/December. It’s full-on Westchester/Harlem. And it’s kick-ass awesome!”

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