Ducks to Donuts. This One is a Winner



Review of Hair Club Burning

by Beth Wareham and Jason Davis


Review by C.A. Lawrence

Has there ever been a time when we haven’t identified with Mary Ann and wanted to drive off alone somewhere, the passenger seat filled with our favorite donuts, inhaling them without remorse? HAIR CLUB BURNING had me laughing and reflecting on when I have wanted revenge on those who have wronged me so deeply I would have stayed up all night to cut off the heads of wooden ducks, too.

There is more to this book though than donuts and ducks. Mary Ann’s characterization resonates as more than just a wife who has been ignored or taken for granted in her marriage. She is representative of so many women who have, in essence, not been allowed to express their feelings or emotions. They’ve had to set their identities aside for too long. And then there’s Jay, a man who has also been trapped into an expectation of what he is supposed to be. Anger simmers steadily underneath both of them.

This dynamic between the two of them, along with the comedic banter and scenes provides such a rich experience for the reader. HAIR CLUB BURNING would be such a great asset to book clubs in order to create opportunities for dialogue. Ultimately, all of us — regardless of race — are just one last nerve away from a dozen donuts and driving off somewhere to eat our feelings.

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