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Dori Owen, reviewer

Little did Mary Ann know, as she scrambled in the gravel of a suburban road after a badly timed fender bender, that she would be rescued by two black dudes who would forever change the course of her disenchanted suburban life.

Married to a “pink” milquetoast, Jair, who scammed her into putting $24,000 on a credit card for hair plugs to fill in his receding hair line–she inadvertently discovers he’s shagging his young assistant Carilee. His unoriginal discretions infuriate Mary Ann into a series of f-bomb paybacks including throwing him out, playing world class dirty tricks on Carilee–and my favorite–decapitating all of his decoy duck collection. But fate intervenes and her rescuers, who are actually East Harlem Bloods, show Mary Ann a new world and retribution of her asset hiding hubs beyond imagination and belief.

This is one of the funniest, most original books I have read in years. The combination of Jason Davis and Beth Wareham as co-authors brings together a rare insider view of the Harlem Bloods sett lifestyle blended with the country club set lifestyle of Westchester, NY. The book is full of fascinating characters from central casting including hair transplant Dr. Bahdoon Bahdoon Samatar, Rachel Rosenthalerheim, Mary Ann’s revenge-loving Jewish lawyer, and a high ranking gang banker who rules from his Paris crib.

Full of twists, turns, laughs, and the joy of divine retribution–including a surprise ending–this book needs to top your summer reading list.

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