Drinking: A Career Strategy



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As we move through graduation season, there’s a topic that few parents cover as their young’uns get ready to enter the workforce: Don’t go to a business lunch and order a Buttery Nipple. Or a Mind Eraser. Don’t ask for that Long Island Iced Tea. And please, no Fuzzy Navels.

in DRINK LIKE A GROWNUP, the League of Extraordinary Drinkers have written a short little bible of drinking for the up-and-coming business person. After years of our own experiences misbehaving with alcohol and colleagues, we finally got it: if you want to sit with the movers and shakers, drink like them.

Know your spirits, know how they are made. All vodkas are the same: you pay for the bottle and marketing. Bourbon and rye are uniquely American and single malt scotch knowledge will endear you to wealthy worldly business people anywhere. Impress you colleagues with your knowledge and how clean you drink. Sip only one at any given gathering.

And, whatever you do, do get hammered at a work event. You will never really recover. Wait until you get home to dive back into  whatever college-inspired buckets of ever clear and cheap juice you have learn to love.


1 tsp sugar

2 dashes Angostura bitters

2 dashes orange bitters

Maraschino cherry or orange slice

1.5 ounce rye whiskey

Add sugar to a low ball glass. Add both bitters and a little water, if you’d like. Muddle the sugar with the bitters until the sugar dissolves. Add the rye and fill the glass with ice. Stir few a few seconds and add the cherry or orange slice.

Of all the cocktails, many experts suggest committing the Old-Fashioned to memory. Adjust the levels of sugar and bitters until you find what suits you best. SIP.

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