Few books will resonate with the writer meeting the demands of the 21st Century as this one. Here is an exploration of how to write short in demanding new forms and create compelling storytelling in the process.

Few books will make the writer want to write like Keep it Short. Full of tips, examinations of why certain writing works and other writing does not work, how to conquer that first blank page and the next and the next, creating an arc, choosing detail, and building characters is all covered. And believe it or not, if you have to, you can write a tweet with all those elements in it. This book is here to teach you how.

I am fascinated with this advice:

  1. Write the first paragraph of the book.
  2. Write the last paragraph of the book.
  3. Commence with the middle

Author Charles Euchner is the creator of The Elements of Writing, a brain-based system for mastering writing in all fields. Euchner has taught writing at Yale University and political science at Holy Cross College. He was the founding director of the Rapport Institute at Harvard University.


Should you wish to review this book (I can send it as a PDF or a paperback) and mention what it teaches you in your writing journey, I will get a copy to you ASAP, provided you tell me the name of your blog and when you plan to cover the book. My email is

Lisa Hagan Books is dedicated to supporting writers of all levels everywhere. We believe in the story. We believe in the individual. We want you to be a part of the great journey and deep pleasures of writing. This of this book as a sort of National Novel Writing Month for those who do it every month of the year.

Again, for a review copy, simply email, tell me the name of your blog or organization and and I’ll get you a book in the format you choose. It will make you so excited to write, you will begin testing your own limits and outshining  your previous methods of expression.  I promise.

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