Careers have changed. Have you?

He’s the RecruiterGuy, Bill Humbert, author of Employee 5.0, and he says the new normal requires that everyone have a job search on simmer.

Why? Because when markets tumble – and oh boy do they tumble – corporate leaders close ranks and begin shedding employees to collapse expenditures. Even after a career of great strategic moves, odds are in today’s world, you’ll find yourself on a job hunt you didn’t anticipate.

How can you find your power in such a powerless situation? ALWAYS HAVE A JOB SEARCH ON SIMMER, says Humbert. That’s right: No matter how much you might love your current job, keep looking.

Here’s are three ideas to give you a running jump on your next job search::

  1. No matter where you are in your career, take phone calls from recruiters and human resource executives. If you aren’t interested in the job, cultivate the contact and provide some great names for them to pursue. Stay in contact.
  2. Continually update your list of skills and impacts as you acquire more and more success in your position.  This helps you stay strong and confident in your skills while creating an important list for you to build upon for your next job search.
  3. Keep networking. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to go to two industry cocktail parties a week. This means you stay involved from time to time, show yourself, and offer support and ideas to others.

Humbert has made a bold promise in his new book Employee 5.0. In twelve steps worked diligently every day, Humbert says you’ll have a job in 90 days. We believe him; he sure has the clients to prove it.

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